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There are many things similar and different between ancient China, Egypt and the Sumerians were lead by the high priests. One important thing is how the three kingdoms were ruled. With Egypt they had Pharaohs, which were appointed by their gods. In Sumeria they had. With Chinese leaders were mostly conquers which lead for a while and passed down through their families. Also each one of the civilizations had made their first writing systems but the writing was different with Chinese but somewhat the same with Egypt and Sumeria. In the Old kingdom Egypt and Sumeria the words were mostly symbols or pictures. With Chinese there are plenty of lines in different directions, which mostly are like symbols, which is almost like the new kingdom Egypt. With China outside wars were not a worry due to the fact of the mountains and the sea and the Great Wall of China. But with Egypt and Sumeria there were plenty of rivers to get to each city which were a good source for conquers to try and get the land. Also with Egypt and Sumeria there were rivers, which gave them good soil, and a good resource for water and transportation for trades. In China they didn’t really have a chance to trade with other countries but it was big enough to trade with themselves and to fight themselves for other Lords to get more land then what they already had. All three civilizations had temples to hold their gods, priests or Pharaohs. These were for the afterlife for their leaders to live good in the afterlife. They all put precious things in there with their leaders. This was for them to live well in the afterlife.

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A Helicopter Parent

A helicopter parent may have good intentions, but his or her interference could make their child's life much more difficult in the long run. Today, there is an increase in the number of helicopter parents. The term â€Å"helicopter parent† defines the behavior of parents who seem just a tad too involved in their child's day-to-day life. We all understand that parents would do everything to keep their children out of harm's way, but sometimes, this desire can become an unhealthy obsession that can actually hurt their kids. At times I question myself, will the next generation of young people be able to actually think for themselves? Children of helicopter parents can become too dependent of their paternities. It is a very common factor in the Palauan society for parents to help their children with their bills, giving them money, babysitting, and even to the degree of buring their groceries and cleaning their homes. It is a very touchy subject to some as they feel pity for their children and want the best for them but at times it seems to get out hand. Those who constantly protect their children from any disappointment only decreases the child's chance of self-empowerment and growth as they mature. With helicopter parents, time may be more consumed with exaggerated observance and calming themselves down rather than helping their children to be self-reliant and independent. Allowing your children to fail and having them test their limits is the least a parent can do for their kids. In this way, a child can be more resourceful, productive, and become an independent learner, or acquires knowledge through his or her own efforts. Lack of confidence is also an effect of helicopter parenting. Parents who are overly involved and overly hovering around a child is a sign that the parents themselves are very anxious. Children can sense and pick up their parent's anxiety and become anxious themselves. When this happens, a child usually becomes instantly sad, isolated, or depressed. Either way, it brings a child to an unhappy place. Anxiety among your adults has significantly grown in recent years, some have turned depressed or even sick. Though this happens at home when the child lives with his or her parents, it occurs after they leave home as well. When parents guide their children in everything they do, they do not have the chance to show what they are capable of. As they mature, it will only make it difficult for them to make their own decisions as they are used to having someone around telling them what to do. They are also very much terrified of taking risks especially if it is something that is not common to them. Something as simple as, â€Å"You can do this† or â€Å"I'm so proud of you† can encourage a child and help them build their confidence. Believing in someone is simply letting them do what they know instead of being by their side the whole time telling them what to do and what not to do.

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The Rise Of Gay Culture - 1004 Words

Miranda Craw Robert King English 2010 December 6, 2015 The Rise of Gay Culture The gay culture, which is also referred to as the LGBTQI culture by some people, is a culture that is seen to be shared by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex people and thus the abbreviation LGBTQI. People also hear it being referred to as the queer culture meant to indicate that those who subscribe to this culture are queer. The culture involves works by famous members of the culture, understanding of the social movements, ironic appreciation of something that is stereotypically longed to the members of the culture and the identities that are present in the community (Burns 60). This essay will briefly outline reasons we should support gay rights and discuss the uprising and evolution of the LGBTQI community. LGBT rights are sometimes considered human rights, especially by the Amnesty International. Other people, legal or private person, consider these rights to be civil rights. There are a number of LGBT rights which are, how ever, not limited. One of the rights is allowing the gays to donate blood. There is also the recognition of same gender relationships which can be done by legalizing same sex marriages. Another one is allowing LGBT adoption and in the same breath recognizing LGBT parenting. The enactment of anti-bullying legislation, student non-discrimination laws meant to look over LGBT children and/or students, equal age of consent laws, immigrationShow MoreRelatedWhat are Gayborhoods?1700 Words   |  7 Pagesgayborhoods are where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and/or transgender peoples live. Research has shown that these communities have keen economic and sociological effects on urban areas brought on by large gentrification from homosexuals. Gay meccas continue to flourish every year and are providing substantial benefits to the cities in which they reside in. Furthermore, gayborhoods has a wide range of ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups. Researches believe that living in a gay communit y has a positiveRead MoreShedding Light on Gay Culture in New York in George Chauncey’s Gay New York Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World683 Words   |  3 PagesGeorge Chauncey’s Gay New York Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World 1890-1940, goes where no other historian had gone before, and that is into the world of homosexuality before World War II. Chauncey’s 1994 critically acclaimed book was a gender history breakthrough that gave light to a homosexual subculture in New York City. The author argues against the idea that homosexual men lived hidden away from the world. Chauncey’s book exposes an abundant culture throughout the UnitedRead More1990s Gay Culture Essay1237 Words   |  5 PagesWithin the 1990s there is a persistent problem of Gay culture. Early in the 1990s it was hard to come out and let the world know that you are gay. Within the early 1990s The Wedding Banquet (1993), although it approache d the issue of Wei-Tung Gao trying to tell his parents that he is gay and still accepting as who he is. Contrastingly within the late 1990s it becomes more acceptable to society by having celebrities coming out like Ellen Degeneres during her tv show Ellen. The two kinds of media contrastRead MoreResisting the Heteronormative Timeline: Japanese Womens Media and Sexuality as Subcultural900 Words   |  4 Pagesit was generally about the gay boom in Japan. The speaker Sho Ogawa talked about the 1991 Gay Renaissance† issue of a popular Japanese women’s magazine â€Å"Crea† which brought about a great rise in the representation of gay men in the japanese media phenomenon which is known as the â€Å"gay boom.† This boom affected how the Japanese media, in an amazing rush of films, nonfiction and fiction books, manga (Japanese comics), and television programs spreads information about gay male’s way of life and sexualityRead MoreAs Rulings Are Announced, Cheers and Tears Among Waiting Crowd1477 Words   |  6 Pagesunconstitutional. History was made as gay spouses were given the legal right to social security benefits such as, shared health cares plans without tax penalties and gay foreigners married to Americans were given access to petition for green cards. For weeks, gay rights advocates protested and waited outside the United States Supreme Court of Washington in hopes that same-sex marriage would be legalized, a decision that would tremendously affect the lifestyle of gays and the LGTB community across theRead MoreGeorge Chauncey s Gay New York Essay1512 Words   |  7 Pageswriting about George Chauncey’s Gay New York. In this text, George Chauncey seeks to restore that world to history, to chart its geography, and to recapture its culture and politics by challenging three widespread myths about the history of gay life before the rise of the gay movement. These include the myths of isolation, invisibility and interna lization. The homosexual community is considered a subculture to the heterosexual community, which identifies as the dominant culture. George Chauncey wants toRead MoreSexual Racial Discrimination Essay840 Words   |  4 Pagesmade efforts to bring about positive cultural changes in times of strong sexual or racial discrimination. Great improvements have been made as a result of the contributions these citizens made to our country. In 1930’s America, the public view on gays and lesbians were not as liberal as they are today. It wasn’t until influential figures like Katharine Hepburn and Harvey Milk caused up a stir in social politics that changes were made. Katharine Hepburn was a successful Hollywood actor with majorRead More`` Bros Before Hoes : The Guy Code `` By Michael Kimmel1399 Words   |  6 Pagesregulated and enforced. In these rules it specifically states young men cannot be gay. The word gay is defined as being weak and girl like to young men. So in order to continue fulfilling the duties of a man, young men must follow these set of rules.These rules prove that young men are pressured to offer constant proof that they are not gay. In â€Å"True Women and Real Men: Myth of Gender† by Colombo he goes over the â€Å"culture myths of gender and the influence they wield over human development and personalRead MoreThe Counterculture Of The Early 1960 S1731 Words   |  7 Pagesrelations (notably, the African American Civil Rights Movement), the war in Vietnam and â€Å"hippie culture† (experimenting in psychoactive drugs especially) in particular altered dramtically. The Stonewall Riots took place during the early hours of the 28th of June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, a pub that was owned by the Mafia at the time, in New York City. These riots were in retaliation to police raids in gay bars that were considered routine back then. A number of incidents were happening simultaneouslyRead MoreSame Sex Marriage Should Be Legal All Over627 Words   |  3 PagesIn May 2013, a Gallup poll showed that 53% of Americans support same sex marriage (â€Å"Gay† 3). Same sex marriage has been legalized in 17 US States and the District of Columbia. 33 states have laws and or constitution amendments that ban the marriage of two people that share the same gender (5). Same sex marriage has been in a debate going on in our country for a while. By legalizing same sex marriage in all states, there will be an increase in adoptions, a financial increase and help the mental and

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Overeating and obesity Essay - 1333 Words

Why do Americans overeat to the point of becoming obese and what are the effects on the body? As the world looks at society today, clearly Americans have an issue with being overweight and becoming obese especially compared with other countries. â€Å"Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese,† and â€Å"more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese† (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 2013, Data and Statistics). History suggests that overeating is a choice, an addition similar to smoking cigarettes caused by lack of will power, boredom or simple gluttony. With new research, society is beginning to learn there is more behind obesity than just a choice or addition. For instance, a†¦show more content†¦Obesity can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, even some cancers and potentially death. These are all very serious medical issues that need to be addressed. The psychological change would be effects on self-esteem, depression and even face professional and social discrimination. Overweight people may not be hired just based on their weight. If an employer has another candidate for the position that isn’t overweight, that person is more likely to be chosen over an obese person. Obese people can meet the requirements, but due to weight, the individual may not be chosen because the potential employer may think if they can’t control their eating, then they can’t control other behaviors. Society may judge an obese person as messy or not organized but anyone could be messy and disorganized. There are many stereotypes of obese individuals which is part of why depression is common among obese people. Depression is much more than just sadness. A depressed individual may feel tired, worthless, hopeless, and unimportant. Obese people may suffer from insomnia or excessive sleep, and can have recurrent thoughts of suicide or death. Depression greatly affects the individual’s self-esteem and stress levels. Fortunately depression is treatable with antidepressants and therapy. Children may have bullies at school, or even at home, that pick onShow MoreRelatedThe Medical Discourse Of Overeating And The Obesity Epidemic Within Western Societies And How Television Comedy900 Words   |  4 Pageshave chosen to explore the medical discourse of overeating and how it is contributing to the obesity epidemic within We stern societies and how television comedy Mike and Molly (2010) challenges the representation of the plus size body in a refreshingly encouraging way for people with a plus size body to relate. A large proportion of television programs depict the plus size body equalling unhealthy and undesirable. Three discourses surrounding obesity are Mike and Molly however open the social discourseRead MoreEssay on Greg Cristers quot;Too Much of a Good Thingquot;993 Words   |  4 PagesThing Greg Crister, the author of the op-ed essay that was featured in the Los Angeles Times, Too Much of a Good Thing, argues that in order to stop obesity, we should stigmatize overeating. Crister states that we should place shame on overeating due to the rising obesity epidemic that faces the world today. The U.N. proclaims that obesity is a dominant unmet global health issue, with Westernized countries topping the list. Crister states that twenty five percent of all Americans under theRead MoreObesity : Obesity And Obesity1472 Words   |  6 PagesObesity in our society continues to grow at an alarming rate. America is the richest country but has the largest population of obese people in the world. â€Å"Nearly 36.5% of American’s are obese (Adult Obesity Facts).† It is important to note that obesity is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of â€Å"30% or more† (The Socioeconomic Causes of Obesity). People become obese over times for many reasons like feeli ng there is less of a need to exercise and eat healthy. There are also more fast food selectionsRead MoreFactors That Affect Overweight And Obesity935 Words   |  4 Pagesoverweight and obesity. It does not necessarily have to be a single gene that can cause overweight, but a multiple of them can play that role. Some people who get overweight have inherited the problem from their parents. The improvement in quantitative genetics and genomics has helped in understanding the relationship between genetics and overweight better. Conditions of overweight and obesity usually occur within a certain family. Some families had a history of overweight and obesity since a longRead MoreEssay on Rhetorical Analysis: Too Much of a Good Thing1292 Words   |  6 Pageschildhood obesity. Overall, Cristers argument succeeds and his audience walks away convinced that childhood obesity is, in fact, an epidemic that plagues children in their own country and that they must act immediately themselves to help fight the fight and insure that it does not become a problem with their own children. One common rhetorical strategy is ethos, which is the use of credible sources to support a claim. Since Crister is a writer and not an expert on childhood obesity himself, itRead MoreObesity : A Dangerous Disease1503 Words   |  7 PagesObesity is known as a condition where a person has excessive fat in their body and it is also defined as being a genetic and environmental factor, which can occur to anyone from child to adult. It is a factor where people eat the wrong foods and do not watch their diet. Obesity or overweight is a very dangerous disease because it can be the leading cause of diabetes, hypertension and even sleep apnea and many more symptoms can be caused by the disease. Obesity or overweight has become, a common factorRead MoreChildhood Obesity: A Growing Problem in Our Society Essay1122 Words   |  5 Pageslife. In order to prevent the obesity epidemic in our country, the major causes and root problems of obesity must be explored and abolished. Obviously, overeating and a lacking of physical activity both contribute immensely to obesity. The one most unaware to the public eye is the overwhelming availability of cheap food and how that affects social classes. Childhood obesity, an issue slowly swallowing the United States, becomes more pronounced every day due to overeating, little to no exercise, andRead MoreChildhood Obesity Essay examples1472 Words   |  6 Pageschildhood obesity was rarely a topic of conversation. A survey done in the early 1970s showed that 6.1% of children between the ages 12 and 19 were overweight. Eight years later the same survey was done and 17.4% were considered overweight (Iannelli). â€Å"Childhood obesity epidemic in America is now a confirmed fact since the number of overweight or obese children has more than tripled during the last 30 years† (Childhood Obesity Epidemic). â€Å"Over the last 20 years, the prevalence of obesity in childrenRead MoreFood Is Fuel For The Body856 Words   |  4 Pagesbasic definition of overeating is, excessive eating. Excessive eating is consuming more calories than necessary and usually consuming them in large portions that cause a person to feel uncomfortably full. People who engage in overeating regularly tend to eat when not hungry and may eat alone because they are embarrassed about the portions of food they are consuming. In addition, they may spend enormous amounts of time fantasizing about their next meal. Another sign that overeating has become a problemRead MoreObesity : A Major Problem Today Society Within The United States1548 Words   |  7 PagesObesity is a major problem in today’s society within the United States. To be more spec ific, childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is becoming worse, and the adults don’t realize the impact it has on the rest of the child s life. According to Americas Let’s Move initiative the definition of Obesity is, â€Å"excess body fat. Because body fat is difficult to measure directly, obesity is often measured by body mass index (BMI), a common scientific way to screen for whether a person is underweight, normal

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South Island Is A Beautiful Place - 1163 Words

South Padre Island All adults have lives that are filled with some form of stress, even if we don t truly accept the fact. School and work can get really stressful and we often start to feel anxiety about meeting deadlines or pivotal determinations. Everyone can enjoy a vacation from time to time, and for many people the beach signifies relaxation and a great stress free environment. Touring places or doing activities with your family is a great way to forget about work and make great memories. South Padre Island is the perfect getaway you can enjoy with your family and take a break from our everyday routines. A beach vacation is the perfect vacation for couples and families that need to relax and be undisturbed in time together.†¦show more content†¦While fishing on the bay side, also has an amazing view of the island and the long elevated bridge. Another great activity South Padre Island offers is horse back riding on the beach which offers different times of the day you can choose. Horseback riding is fun but what makes it more amazing is you can enjoy it while being on the beach. It is really a great time to enjoy with your family and just ride along the beach hearing the sound of the ocean. One of my other favorite activities that I love to visit every summer when we have the whole family down is Schlitterbahn Waterpark. It has amazing rides for the family to enjoy and cool down on a hot summer day. They recently opened an indoor pool which is really cool just in case you want a take a break from the hot sunny day. South Padre Island also has many tours you can enjoy with your family. Theirs charters that take a couple of groups around the bay and they already know what spots has more dolphins. We took my nieces and nephews to the Dolphin Watch a couple of summers ago and they had an amazing time. Seeing their little faces overjoyed when they would see the dolphins coming up out of the water and making a show for us made me really happy. At one point so many dolphins were making a great show that we took a picture of the whole family and in the background some dolphins were captured. It was beautiful and I m glad we were able to take pictures with the dolphins we can have memories to cherish. Sea

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Education for Child Psychology and Science-

Question: Discuss about theEducation for Child Psychology and Developmental Science. Answer: Concept probed Activity used to probe the concept Method used to probe childrens understandings An object floats if it is light for its size and sink if it is heavy for its size Doing experiment using figure objects in water Drawings Questions Whether an object floats depending on the material it is made of and not its weight Experiment on sinking made of different materials Drawings Questions The activity used in the probing of the floating and sinking concept is mainly experiments. Due to the young age of the children, it will be challenging for them to concentrate and try to understand the concept of floating and sinking if there are no illustrations on what the idea is about. This calls for the use of a technique that will attract their attention and ensure they are eager to learn what is just yet to be taught to them(Gamble, 2013, p.89). By bringing the experimental items into the class, some of which they have not seen before, their curiosity will be enhanced and thus it will be very easy to elaborate to tem the concept of floating and sinking. Still, the use of experiment facilitate the ability of the children to easily recall the concepts they shall have been taught. The young children have minds that have not matured up and thus have challenges recalling what they heard. It is instead easier for them to vividly narrate what they saw even though it might not be as clear as it exactly was at the time of experience(Arif, 2012, p.152). The experiments are thus yet another avenue for ensuring that the children are able to easily remember what they have learnt. Experiments are a way of engaging the children in the learning process and thus shifting the mode of learning from teacher centered to student centered. This gives the children an opportunity to learn numerous things by themselves as opposed to listening as the teacher narrates everything to them(Crowell, 2013, p.58). During the experiments, data is collected and observations are made. Data collections and the observations are made by the children as the role of the instructor will be centered on facilitating asking questions as well as drawing the attention of the children to the interesting results achieved. When properly designed, the experiments serve to rule out the misconceptions that the children have been holding and give attention to the ideas that will be needed by the children in order to properly understand so as to enhance deeper and further learning. The children illustrated having a rough idea on what floating and sinking is following their responses to the various questions they were asked. The questions were of various types and from their responses it was established that they had to some extent information on floating(Lerner, 2015, p.117). Most of the questions they were asked were open ended questions so as to get their idea without necessarily confining their though a specific thing when it comes to floating. Asked to define what floating and sinking was, the responses were found to be within the science concept. Whereas they had challenges with the choice of words to define floating, they were able to establish that sibling refers to when an object disappears. In their explanation, the disappearance was not with regard to any liquid but rather just technical loss of existence from the sight(Smith, 2015, p.187). With reference to alternative conceptions, research was done to establish what conceptions the children held behind the sinking and floating of objects(Santos, 2011, p.148). While one of the conceptions was big things sinks and small ones float, another one was that an object would sink if the surface above the water of a floating objet was cut out. The first conception was an attempt to explain the difference in the sinking properties of various materials. This was in line with the misconceptions held by one of the children that big things are heavy and have to sink while small things are light in weight and therefore remain suspended over the water. This conception assumed that sinking and floating are affected by the size of an object as opposed to the shape among other scientific illustrations(Papathanasiou, 2012, p.102). The second misconception was founded on the argument that the part of a floating object that remains suspended over the water is the part that floats while the other part submerged sinks. This conception held the notion that a single object can sink and float at the same time. Questioning helped the children gained insights into the floating and sinking concept and thus could easily understand the experiment as they went into it(McTighe, 2013, p.88). Open ended questions gave the children an opportunity to say anything on what they know and have heard about on sinking and floating. Through this any misconceptions were noted and left to be tested during the experiment. Productive and unproductive questions helped opening up the knowledge of the children on the concept and encouraging discussion among the children respectively(Sussman, 2015, p.145). The questioning session dwelt so much on open ended questions and closed ended questions due to the limited range of knowledge on the topic by the children. Through the use of these question types the children could directly be involved and as not have to strain their minds thinking too deep into the concept. Probing the understanding of each child is important in gaining knowledge on the prior information that a child has on a concept and establishing the level of misconceptions in the knowledge held. Still, probing aids the facilitation in establishing which areas needs to more attention and focus when delivering a concept to a child(Fisher, 2015, p.116). Children have different levels of weakness and varied understandings which might only be established through probing. In dealing with the childrens prior knowledge, I will adopt the following strategies: Avoid overdoing it to avoid being carried away by the contents of such information. Prior knowledge should only be used to engage what the learner knows on the concept prior to learning the topic as opposed to forming the basis of the discussion of the concept(McTighe, 2013, p.99). Use of multiple reading to solve problems that are brought about by prior knowledge especially in cases where the prior knowledge is mainly misconceptions- Alternatively the use of different numerous experiments would help in solving any issues that arise from prior knowledge. The children will gain full understanding and confidence in what they are learning and thus easily drop their previous incorrect knowledge following experimental results established. Only handle prior knowledge should it likely to bring about understanding problems. Making straight points which are not clear are important aspect of dealing with prior knowledge. Under circumstances that prior knowledge coincides with the hypothesis of the science concept, it is prudent to proceed to explaining and illustrating the concept to the learners without necessarily having to dwell so much on the prior knowledge(Arif, 2012, p.104). References Arif, M.M., 2012. Probing Understanding: Emergent Second Language Readers' Visual Literacy. 3rd ed. New York: Jabatan Pendidikan Bahasa dan Literasi, Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Malaya. Crowell, S.G., 2013. The Prism of the Self: Philosophical Essays in Honor of Maurice Natanson. 3rd ed. New York: Springer Science Business Media. Fisher, D., 2015. Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom, 2nd edition. 5th ed. New York: ASCD. Gamble, T.K., 2013. Interpersonal Communication: Building Connections Together. 3rd ed. Kansas: SAGE Publications. Lerner, R.M., 2015. Handbook of Child Psychology and Developmental Science, Socioemotional Processes. 4th ed. New York: John Wiley Sons. McTighe, J., 2013. Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding. 3rd ed. London: ASCD. Papathanasiou, I., 2012. Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Communication Disorders. 4th ed. Manchester: Jones Bartlett Publishers. Santos, E., 2011. Catalysis in Electrochemistry: From Fundamental Aspects to Strategies for Fuel Cell Development. 5th ed. London: John Wiley Sons. Smith, D.G., 2015. Strata and Time: Probing the Gaps in Our Understanding. 4th ed. London: Geological Society of London. Sussman, E.S., 2015. Probing auditory scene analysis. 5th ed. Beijing: Frontiers E-books.

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Research Proposal on Phonics Essay Example

Research Proposal on Phonics Essay Phonics is the method of the school learning of the language or more general in linguistics. The system of pronunciation is the methodology which teaches to read words dividing them into letters and phonemes and then vice versa create full syllables and words from phonemes and letters. The method of phonics was the substitution of the previous popular system called syllable reading based on the teaching practice based on the interpretation, not separate letters but syllables, for example, STU-DY. The method of phonics transferred this approach into such way of teaching: S-T-U-D-Y when the child observes every letter to catch the right order of the letter in the word. The method of phonics first appeared in Germany in the 19th century, and it is quite useful for the learning of the languages which possess the same pronunciation and writing of their words. For example, the German language is quite simple for reading, because the person reads the word letter for letter (the combinations of letters seldom create a single sound). We will write a custom essay sample on Research Proposal on Phonics specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Research Proposal on Phonics specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Research Proposal on Phonics specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The use of phonics in the English language is quite a troublesome practice because the majority of the English words do not sound the same as they are written (for example, it is possible to confuse the words â€Å"night† and â€Å"knight†). The new way substituted the method of phonics called the Whole language, which is based on the understanding of the logical processes, spelling, and phonetics. So, the phonics is quite a useful approach towards the teaching of reading, but it should be applied to the learning of the languages which can accept the methodology without confusion and misunderstanding. Phonics is an interesting problem for the research for every student who is interested in pedagogy, linguistics, and phonetics in particular. The student can observe the issue of phonics and share his own opinion about the method with the professor writing a research proposal which dwells on the pluses and minuses of the methodology of the system. The young professional can focus on the points and aspects attractive to him and apply phonics in the brand new situations and practice. It is essential to provide the methods of the research of the paper and find the right sources to collect the reliable and up-to-date arguments. The student can prepare a worthy research proposal if he communicates with the expert or at least looks through a quality free example research proposal on phonics written by the well-trained writer online. The student can catch the entire process and manner of writing, the research approach and formatting of the text using a free sample research proposal on phonics observed by an expert adequately. At writing service you can order a custom research proposal on Phonics topics. Your proposal will be written from scratch. We hire top-rated PhD and Master’s writers only to provide students with professional research proposal help at affordable rates. Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all proposal details: Enjoy our professional research proposal writing service!